A Stone Of Protection: Nephrite Jade

Heart Chakra Nephrite Jade Stone Of Protection

In all its forms, this protective stone will transmute negative energies into positive, uplifting experiences, whilst cleansing your auric field.

Jade has always represented nobility, not only of rank but of ideals too. Its powerful healing energies have been utilized since 4000 BC, made into jewellery, statues and other artefacts, and it has always been considered a very powerful dream stone. Nephrite Jades ability to facilitate access to the spiritual world, ensures that you are in a position to transmit the ritualistic knowledge of your ancestors, indeed, the meaning of our Nephrite Yoni Egg is based on the ability to gather tranquil wisdom, whilst disregarding negativity and seeing your true-self in all your powerful beauty. A stone of health and abundance, it is said to be an excellent healing tool representing grace and beauty, as well as strength and spirit. Which ultimately facilitates an abundance of Divine Energy flowing into your life.

Possessing a clearing energy, our Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg will help you to stabilise your emotions. When you work with its energies you will have fewer outbursts and breakdowns as it will encourage stability and balance. It will also influence your relationships profoundly, infusing them with trust and faithfulness. Bringing you good luck and health, Nephrite Jade works best with your Heart Chakra to balance your Yin and Yang energies, promoting equality in all your close relationships.

On A Physical Level

Nephrite Jade, is well known as The Stone of Health, and is filled with the revitalising energies of the earth, which will help to speed up your healing process. Promoting good overall health and general wellbeing by working on the underlying causes of your illness, Nephrite is a great blood cleanser, known to calm your nervous system and regulate the bodies acid balance, putting everything back into perspective. Its purifying energies will also remove toxins in order to improve circulation, which will help you recover from bacterial or viral infections.

Believed to promote cleansing properties attuned to the functioning of your heart, kidneys and liver, our Nephrite Jade will also provide pain relief to aching bones and joints. This powerhouse of a tool, often referred to as the ‘Spleen Stone’ by Mesoamericans, whom believe it supplies healing for maladies of the spleen, is also a great choice for those of you who have fertility issues, or other issues affecting the reproductive system, as it is known to stimulate the lower Chakras too.

On A Spiritual Level

Symbolising the good life made manifest by your talents and abilities, Nephrite Jade will assist your psychic abilities and strengthen your connection to the spiritual realm and your interaction with your spirit guides. Helping you to lucid dream, regular practice with our Nephrite Jade Egg will improve your past life recall and promote spiritual wisdom and learning through dreaming. Giving you the focus to achieve whilst keeping you anchored in reality, this stone of the heart will provide balance and harmony. Including it in your Yoni Practice will ensure you have an assistant whilst you are in the pursuit of your physical and emotional wellbeing, because keeping yourself and your environment in balance is tantamount to growth.

Our Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg carries a slightly different power to our other Jade in that it symbolises grace, purity, beauty and dreams. Indeed, the vibrational energies of this gorgeously deep green stone, represent journeying, in a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sense. They revitalise your energy in order to help speed up your healing process and offer you psychic protection, which promotes a sense of calm, quiet stillness that can only make you appreciate life more. This stone of calm balances the Heart Chakra and carries with it a Green Crystal energy that will resolve your blockages whilst rebalancing your heart. Helping you to understand your own needs and emotions with more clarity. When the Heart Chakra is unbalanced, you begin to feel restricted and controlled, becoming hyper critical of others, your responses to common occurrences are irrational. If you are feeling rage and anger, use the powerful energies of Nephrite Jade to diffuse the negativity, allow it to fill you with the energy rays of truth and honesty, purity and strength, inspiring you to spread kindness and compassion.

In other words, Nephrite Jade will put things into perspective for you, cutting through your illusions whilst showing you the truth of any situation. The benefits of this include enhanced confidence, a realisation of your full potential, and the reduction of self-imposed limitations, which will result in an enhanced ability to embrace your personal ambitions, ideals and desires, in order to facilitate their realisation. This crystal will deepen your bonds with friends and loved ones by making you more sensitive and aware, whilst promoting unconditional love.


To create energy pathways that will allow people to get close to you, you should combine our Nephrite Yoni Egg with Orange Topaz, this will also attract love, luck, prosperity and abundance. A Stattuckite combination will stimulate your thoughts and imagination, you will experience ground-breaking ideas that will give you the ability to help yourself and those around you..

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