A Stone Of The Heart: Rose Quartz

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Accept the blame of your past mistakes and disregard the offloaded blame of others with the healing energies of our Rose Quartz Yoni Egg.

Known by healers everywhere as the stone of the heart, Rose Quartz may have been used as a love token as early as 600BC and is still considered to be an important talisman of relationships. Feminine in tone, our Rose Quartz Yoni Egg also aligns with the heart of the earth and the heart of the universe and is thought to be one of the most important of healing stones. Carrying with it a femininity of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort, this gentle crystal offers very powerful benefits for those of you whom are seeking to stimulate your Heart Chakra. Not only does this crystal circulate a divine loving energy throughout the aura, it also stimulates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras too. When these chakras are uninhibitedly working in harmony, they connect to the curative spirit of mother earth. This spirit teaches us that the wounds of the past create beautiful landscapes.

Also associated with the element of water, the healing properties of this crystal are naturally fluid, flowing throughout the body to realign the soul star system whilst it washes out all those toxic energies and emotions trapped inside of you, letting pure thoughts of unequivocal love flow in.

On A Physical Level.

Because of its strong connection to the Heart Chakra, this elixir is believed to be a healing tool for the heart, stimulating its proper functioning whilst providing a boost to your circulatory system. In turn relieving tension and stress. The primary crystal related to love, Rose Quartz was widely believed by the Egyptians to prevent wrinkles, whilst its present-day use promotes a beautiful, soft complexion, underpinned by its powerful energy, which is known to battle the effects of ageing. Displaying high vibration energy levels, our Yoni Egg has many valued healing properties. For instance, it is especially supportive of the reproductive system, and is thought to be effective in improving and stimulating fertility as well as offering protection to parents and their newborn babies. It also offers new mothers healing after birth, whilst helping to alleviate postpartum depression. Perfect for inclusion in your regular Yoni Practice, the loving energy of our Rose Quartz Yoni Egg is also used to help soothe and manage issues related to sexual frustration, giving you the self-acceptance and self-love, you need to help in the promotion of a healthy sex drive. Once you place this powerful tool inside your Yoni, she will once again begin to roar!

In addition, many women have used this stone as a healing tool for breast cancer. Indeed, Rose Quartz is generally known to be one of the most effective stones for helping to heal other types of cancerous genomes, as its vibrations penetrate down to the cellular level, clearing away fluids in the cells of the body whilst promoting the release of toxins. This powerhouse of a tool will send its energy rays through your Chakras to reprogram you for a life of joy and longevity.

On A Spiritual Level.

Our Rose Quartz crystal circulates a divine, loving energy throughout the entire aura, its property of restoring trust being one of its most powerful and important ones. After all, the heart cannot move on into renewed trust until it fully understands and accepts past situations, and there is always new love to follow acceptance. It’s not only a love stone but a success stone as well. How can you not be successful when your intelligence is heightened, and your perception is sharpened all the time?

This calming and reassuring crystal gives you the balancing ability to be yourself by helping you to identify your own needs and emotions more clearly, as it strengthens empathy and aids in your acceptance of the necessary changes you wish to make. A stone of the heart it is known for balancing the Yin and Yang, as it has the ability to bring all your other Chakras back into unity with the heart. Speaking directly to the Heart Chakra ensures that the fair and lovely Rose Quartz regulates our interaction with the external world and controls what we embrace or resist. Reawakening the heart to its own innate love, regular Yoni Practice with this particular Yoni Egg will provide you with a deep sense of fulfilment and contentment, allowing you the capacity to truly give and receive love from others. Thus, it is great for your love life, because it will also work on other aspects such as your passion and sexuality. This powerful aphrodisiac can help unleash your Inner Goddess! The embodiment of the energies of both romantic and unconditional love are facilitated through the ability of Rose Quartz to bring your consciousness to a higher level, the vibrational energies helping you to forgive, understand, and reflect on the perspectives of others, which in turn will imbue you with the wisdom to form deeper connections with humanity. In that same way, practising with our Rose Quartz Yoni Egg will assist you in recognising your own need for compassion, allowing you the power the understand and forgive yourself first and foremost. Dissolving feelings of grief, fear, sorrow, worry, and resentment, this powerful and gorgeous crystal of pure love will bring energy rays of determination, commitment, empathy, healing, and compassion. Offering a deep sense of personal fulfilment, whilst helping you form a foundation where inner peace and love become your reality.


The strong and positive energies that Rose Quartz brings to the heart chakra, work best with the energies that Amethyst delivers to the spirit. Together they bring a perfect balance of the Yin and Yang. However, if you wish to enhance your romantic love life, pair this Yoni Egg with Garnet crystal, which may attract true love! Garnet is known to stimulate our Kundalini and work on sexual attraction, whilst the vibrations of Rose Quartz will work on your issues with intimacy. Ammolite is also another great crystal to pair this with if you’re looking for true love, not only does it open up your Chakras, helping you to see the best in people, it also gives you the gift of genuine self-love. When you use our Rose Quartz Yoni Egg with Lolite, it will help you address deep seated issues, pains, fears and traumas, whilst working on your personal growth and spiritual development in order to help you heal. To attract, earn and keep money with a good positive vibe, you should pair your Rose Quartz Yoni Egg with a Green Aventurine one in order to promote abundance!

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