Amplify Your Energy With Tigers Eye

Benefits Of Tigers Eye Solar Plexus Chakra

The planetary stone for Taurus and Gemini, Our Tigers Eye Yoni Egg is the ultimate power crystal for all those dreamers who have been caged by their own self-doubt.      


Both feared and revered, the mysterious, all knowing, all seeing tiger is said to grant those who harness its energies, the ability to see everything clearly, ensuring that you remain ever vigilant. Never again will you be taken advantage of as your senses begin to sharpen and you begin to feel protected from the bad intentions of others.

Traditionally carried as an amulet against curses or ill-wishes, Tigers Eye is a crystal that resonates with the Solar Plexus (also known as the Power Chakra). However, its energy has a very powerful effect on the Base Chakra and the Sacral Chakra, helping to stimulate the rise of the Kundalini, where all the major work of our past trauma is carried out. Say hello to the coiled serpent that has been residing at the base of your spine and step into a new you.

If you are earthy and vibrate to the energy of the Solar Plexus, you may find that Tigers Eye also begins to stimulate a variety of psychic gifts. If you are feeling relatively stuck or spiritually adrift, Tigers Eye will serve as your spiritual compass and psychic protector, guiding you towards your Inner Goddess, whilst helping you to make use of your power in the most practical of ways. This energizing stone is a contradiction in many ways, it will ground you, yet allow you to reach the highest levels of your self-awareness.

On A Physical Level

Not only does this stone amplify the energies of other stones that it encounters, but its powerful healing energies are also beneficial for sickness or the alleviation of body pains as it helps to clear toxins from the body, giving you the strength to recover from whatever is ailing you. Whilst helping to increase your metabolism and keep your energy levels up, the powerful vibrational energies of Tigers Eye are also good for sinus congestion and easing problems with vision. They are also known to aid in the healing of broken bones, facilitating a faster recovery from skeletal issues. Owning a Tigers Eye Yoni Egg, invites more mental and physical activity. This natural crystal balances the brain, so it may be of benefit to those with scattered energy. By integrating both sides of the brain to resolve any mental conflicts, it is the balance within this stone that is its most practical attribute.

On A Spiritual Level

Being naturally golden in colour, Tigers Eye will assist you to enhance the masculine principle, giving you a balanced, complementary amount of both the feminine and the masculine energies. It is an excellent stone for yoni Meditation as it holds the vibration of the Golden Ray, which is considered to be the state of compassion, grace and unconditional love, a contradiction in many ways, our energizing Yoni Egg will calm you. It will ground you, yet allow you to reach the highest levels of self-awareness! Tigers might be the largest feline in the world, but they will still allow for the lion to be King of the jungle! Channelling the powerful properties of our Tigers Eye Yoni Egg will teach you to live with integrity by encouraging the balance of power instead of completion, allowing you to aim for the stars on your own terms and in your own time, it will give you the strength to stop dreaming and start living in your truth. Lighting the fire of your soul, it will encourage you to leap forward.

Highlighting the fact that, a bird wouldn’t land on a branch unless it was sure of its own wings, Tigers Eye is a must have for those of you who wish to release those deep-seated fears and anxieties that have been preventing you from moving forward. As it will give you the courage, confidence and strength of mind to face problems head on, aided by the fire element within this golden stone which will stimulate your ability and desire to manifest your own destiny. Without fear and anxiety holding you back, this powerful healing tool will unlock your hidden talents, and it is well known for stoking the fires of passion deep within your most sacred space. Making it the perfect choice for your Yoni Practice, as its vibrational powers are related to the energy of the Solar Plexus, and the lower chakras, giving it a very powerful effect on your kundalini energy.

Known as a profound amplifier of energy, our Tigers Eye Yoni Egg has the ability to boost the vibrational energy of other crystals around it, which will help you to balance any toxic emotions, keeping your mind razor focused on your true desires, it is also known for promoting harmonious vibes, so enjoy the process of personal growth and self-enlightenment! Whilst promoting an improved self-worth, Tigers Eye has the ability to help you remain grounded and calm, in fact, regular Yoni Practice with this egg will also charge your intellect, helping you to make use of your psychic gifts in a practical way, it will change your thought process for the better. By stepping outside of your comfort zone, you will have the chance to grow, change and transform into the powerful being you were meant to be.


Other powerful stones to use in combination with our Tigers Eye Yoni Egg when using to raise the kundalini, include, Atlantasite, Red Jasper, Seraphinite and Serpentine. Whilst you can also combine it with Serpentine to amplify the energy of all your other crystals. If you find that you are the mediator in negotiations, Tigers Eye works with Amazonite to enhance your negotiation skills, and combines well will all varieties of quartz, Red Jasper and most other Jaspers, blending energies especially to your benefits.

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