Carnelian: The Stone Of Courage, Clarity and Confidence.

Base Chakra Carnelian Sacral Chakra

You need this powerful stone in your life if you require help to remain grounded and anchored, as the vibrations will remove sluggishness from the mind and body by emitting feelings of warmth. They will energize you and help you to function at high energy levels, whilst working to invigorate your mind, body, and spirit.

Represented by the blood of martyrs, Carnelian, promotes the benefits of prosperity, ambition, determination and love. This powerful crystal was also worn in a seal ring by the Islamic Prophet, Mohammed, who valued it for its ability to bring good luck. In addition to good luck, the vibrational energies of our Carnelian Yoni Egg include those of protection from negative energy. They are said to give you the power to clear the way for your spiritual healing to begin, whilst stimulating your actions. Regular Yoni Practice will give you power, inspire you and help you to foster the courage you need to progress on your journey with confidence.

Ranging from light pink, to orange to dark brown/red, the properties of this gorgeous Crystal include iron impurities, signified by its vibrant colour which inspired the Egyptians to name this stone ‘The Setting Sun’. Also known as The Singers Stone, Carnelian is said to bring clarity to one’s voice, whilst it emboldens those of you who are timid. This particular Crystal, is ideal for the Lower Chakras, as its energies will activate the first through to the third Chakras. Working especially on The Sacral and Base Chakras, to help control the flow of your Kundalini energy, Carnelian will awaken your Inner Goddess and encourage her to rise. Simultaneously, the energies of this powerful healing tool will also resonate up into the Heart Chakra and encompass you with feelings of pure love.

On A Physical Level

A strong aid to the physical body, Carnelian promotes an improved flow of life force energy via the blood, which is beneficial in all aspects of your physical health. Especially good for athletes, the physical properties of our Carnelian Yoni Egg are primarily associated with increased circulation, which in turn brings increased strength and power. Additionally, this stones healing energies are associated with the musculoskeletal system, and benefits are said to include help with arthritis, the relief of back troubles, neuralgia and rheumatism, all of which can only increase your strength. Which is why Carnelian is also thought to help reduce symptoms of depression and underpin detoxification from harmful substances, as well as supporting you to break those self-destructive addictions.

Working primarily on the lower Three Chakras ensures that the vibrational energies of our Carnelian Crystal Egg, will minimise symptoms associated with menstruation such as irregular cycles and menopause. Regular Yoni Practice is said to help improve all symptoms that concern the womb. By creating a stimulating vibration in the Sacral Chakra, Carnelian may also stimulate sexual energy and improve fertility. After all this Yoni Egg does honour Isis, the Goddess of Earth, and all creation stems from the womb as all trauma is held there.

On A Spiritual Level

Promoting feelings of joy and warmth, the emotional healing energies of Carnelian focus on providing a balance that protects you from your own and other people’s feelings of envy, rage and resentment. This reduction of negativity in your energy field will provide you with a new-found love of self, and a renewed lease of life by bolstering your trust in your own perceptions and judgments. Offering a solid form of protection from the negative energy that surrounds you, the power of this stone properly clears the path for your spiritual healing to begin, whilst it energises you and accelerates your feelings of courage and confidence.

Flowing via the physical structure from the Kundalini, upwards, into the Heart Chakra, the powers of this crystal Yoni Egg, are very beneficial for those of you whom are working primarily on their Sacral Chakra. Located in the lower abdomen between the pubic bone and the naval, the Sacral Chakra is considered to be the bodies centre of gravity and life force, the information that flows between the body and the mind, along with the flow off all energy, is controlled by this area. When it is in balance, your intuition will be very strong, you will be able to interpret thoughts and feeling quite accurately. Whilst suppressed feelings of joy and happiness are symptoms of an unbalanced Sacral Chakra, which causes confusion, dependency, or passive aggressiveness. You may also experience feelings of fear connected with sex, or sexuality, since all memory is stored within the sacred womb of us women. Letting this stone get to work on this area will help to improve blockages that are suppressing the important information concerning yourself and your purpose on earth.

When used during your regular Yoni Practice, this powerful healing tool will leave you feeling awash with energy vibrations that will help you maintain the focus needed to accomplish your goals. It will work in harmony with you to give you the life that you deserve and the happiness that you are searching for. Helping you to clarify the way of bringing your creative ideas into fruition. A stone of renewal, truth, love and faith, our beautiful and sensual Carnelian Yoni Egg will widen your perspective, helping you to trust in your own judgment and beliefs, in order for you to accept the natural cycles of life. Whilst promoting a clearer sense of self awareness, which will allow for its spiritual energy to flow more freely. 


Combine this crystal with Zincite or Orange Calcite and get ready for your sex life to pop off! Using Carnelian with Red Garnet, or Ruby, will work on giving you an energy boost whilst raising your confidence, it will also promote a stronger sense of renewed passion in your love life. This pairing is also known to attract wealth and abundance, whilst giving you an extra shot of strength and courage. Our Carnelian Crystal can also be paired with Citrine to attract money into your life, this powerful combination has the ability to sustain that continuous flow of abundance.

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