Chrysoberyl (Cats Eye): A Crystal Of The New Age

Cats Eye Yoni Egg Chrysoberyl Crown Chakra

Composed of a beryllium aluminium oxide mineral that belongs to the oxide and hydroxide class of minerals, our Cats Eye Yoni Egg, is considered to be one of the most underrated of new age crystals. Carrying with it some outstanding characteristics, and ranging from golden yellow, yellowish-brown, grey-green, Greenish-grey, to blue, and blueish-green, caused by the presence of iron in the crystal, Chrysoberyl exhibits a chatoyancy which is formed from fibrous inclusions and cavities within the stone, allowing it to resemble a Cat’s Eye.

However, the name of this crystal is derived from the Greek words ‘Chrysos’ which means golden and ‘Beryllos’ which pertains to this crystal’s beryllium content. This grounding stone, when used often in your Yoni Practice, will allow for you to formulate clear thoughts and expand your vision as it aligns strongly with the Solar Plexus Chakra to dispel unwanted energy from the aura, transforming your negative thoughts into positive energy.

On A Physical Level

The powerful healing energies of our Chrysoberyl Crystal are an excellent support for your journey of self-healing and recovery. Working on the Third Eye Chakra to aid in the treatment of eye disorders such as cataracts, and glaucoma retinitis as well as improving your night vision, Cats Eye is a very powerful healing tool. Known to heal intestinal problems and menstrual discomfort as it balances your Sacral Chakra to relieve negative womb energy, this Yoni Eggs energy also works to heal and fortify chest infections whilst it cleanses and stabilises the liver. It is also believed to balance the adrenal glands and lower cholesterol as well as carrying with it the ability to relieve headaches and facial neuralgia.

On A Spiritual Level

The powerful energies of Chrysoberyl are known for their ability to increase your personal power and strengthen your spirituality by working to open the Crown Chakra. This Chakra connects us with our indelible and permanent divinity, and works to blend the mind and spirit together. It is the source of all healing energy in the human energy system, and like all the other energy centres within your body, the Crown Chakra exists as a vestigial of potential until it is activated. Regular Yoni practice with one of our Cats Eye Yoni Eggs will certainly help to do this, as it works to clear and align your Third Eye Chakra, promoting visions of other realms, dimensions and planets whilst it protects you from negativity and psychic attack.

It is also believed to help you contact your spirit guides, promoting dreamwork, dream clairvoyance and out of body journeys, allowing you to harness the wisdom needed to see clearly those aspects within your life that no longer serve your higher purpose. Removing your tendency to deny what is wrong, this powerful healing tool will encourage you to deal with issues head-on whilst it supports you in overcoming them. Helping you to see the spirit in all life and to understand that we are here on earth to be happy and to fulfil or souls longing for love, peace, and happiness. The Crown Chakra has but one emotion, and that is bliss. Thus, this stone of new beginnings will work to cast off non-constructive thoughts and emotions from the past, which are controlling your present. By doing this, you will truly begin to grow, as Cats Eye strengthens your feelings of self-worth and promotes feelings of confidence, compassion, generosity, hope and optimism for yourself and others.

 Vibrating with the qualities of self-control and discipline, a much-needed anomaly in this out of control world, our Cats Eye Yoni Egg will allow the coldness in your heart to melt away and make room for forgiveness, whilst giving you the power to protect yourself from negative energies and psychic attack. In much the same way our Rose Quartz Yoni Egg will, Chrysoberyl resonates with the Heart Chakra, working to open, activate and help to bring balance to this Chakra so that you will be able to free yourself from anything that is causing a barrier to love.  Just as the Heart carries blood through our body, so the Heart Chakra moves love through our lives. It thrives on togetherness, joy, peace and understanding, and flourishes on openness, sharing, touch, and connection. Feeding yours with positive energy means you are choosing to see the love in people and the joy in all things. This inner knowledge that you are love itself will help you to move on from past hurt and mistakes. The vibrational energies of this Yoni Egg will give you the focus needed in order to manifest a better future for yourself.


Chrysoberyl is associated with wealth and abundance, be it physically or emotionally. It is also an excellent talisman for the creative type. If you combine it with Blue Caribbean Chalcedony, its supportive energies will propel you to success. To increase your personal and spiritual powers, incorporate other Crown Chakra and Solar Plexus stones into your regular Yoni Practice, Bustamite, Selenite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Sugilite, and Rainbow Moonstone, are stones for the Crown Chakra, Hiddenite, Honey Calcite, Grossular, Garnet, Heliodor, and Golden Rutilated Quartz, stones of the Solar Plexus, will all work in harmony for the mind and spirit.

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