Crinoid Fossil: Speak Your Truth

Benefits Of Crinoid Fossil Heart Chakra Solar Plexus Chakra Third Eye Chakra

Crinoids, being marine animals, are also sometimes referred to as sea lilies, some of the oldest remnants on earth. Indeed, the energies of this powerful healing tool date back approximately 570 million years.

It is important to understand we are all made of pure energy and we share it with the Earth.

The strong grounding energies of this Yoni Egg, are ideal for awakening the throat chakra, along with the heart chakra and the third eye, which is why this stone of the solar plexus is considered to be highly valued in Yoni Practice. When the energy of Crinoid flows unhindered into your solar plexus you will begin to vibrate with feelings of balance, confidence, willpower, and a strong sense of self. Due to this area being your centre of strength and balance, both physical and emotional. Turning on the throat chakra allows the energies of the other activated chakras to be fully expressed along with your thoughts and sentiments. Whilst a triggered heart chakra helps you to regulate your interaction with the external world as well as helping you to control what you resist in your heart. The opening of the third eye chakra, understandably cultivates insight and balances your inner dialogue, helping you to literally, open -up to new ideas and gain mastery of your powerful wisdom. By widening your perception and promoting your analytical abilities whilst you gain mastery of your Inner Goddess in preparation for her release.

On A Physical Level

Whispered to be good to the heart, lymph system and blood vessels, Crinoid Fossil is also known to benefit the immune system, as well as the nervous system, which in turn helps with the assimilation of oxygen into the brain. It is also utilised to regenerate our RDA/DNA structure whilst it supports the skeletal system. Undertaking regular Yoni Practice with a Crinoid Fossil Yoni Egg will help to remove toxins from the body to promote a clear complexion, whilst it helps to stabilise the nutritional absorption of vitamins and minerals. Making this stone beneficial to the stomach, eyes, and feet. Great for those of you whom are suffering with depression and stress, this stone augments the mental function by recuperating concentration and promoting focus.

On A Spiritual Level

Often considered to invite abundance into the owner’s life, our Crinoid Fossil Yoni Egg retains the grounding energies of the earth. This, will help you to stay grounded and established in today’s materialistic society, whilst underpinning your ability to understand and reach for spiritual concepts and ideals.

Regular Yoni Practice with this gorgeous stone, will aid you in your quest for transition, transformation and personal growth, whilst it helps you to understand your journey of positive change.

Excellent for use as a dream stone, Crinoid Fossil is also said to be useful for both recalling your dreams and manifesting them into reality. Thus, it is customarily reputed for its eminence of invoking feelings of hope and new possibilities. Providing you relief by amending anger and nurturing love, it will encourage inner reflection, which will help to dissolve negative thoughts and distil your fears, which in turn can only help in facilitating your healing process. The high grounding energies of our Crinoid Fossil Yoni Egg make it especially good for meditation as they allow you to gain access to ancient wisdom. All our ancient wisdom is held in the womb, thus, it is an ideal tool to place close to the womb, for helping to align the divine frequencies of the cosmic world with the frequencies of one’s self in order to promote stability and self-trust. Teaching the lessons of reciprocity, “As we sow, thou shall we reap”, this powerful stone will help you to cultivate a joyous life. Believed to be beneficial in self-analysis, regular practice with our Crinoid Yoni Egg will help to uncover those buried memories which have killed your passion and reinforced your lack of confidence, encouraging you to speak your truth, fully expressive in your thoughts and sentiments. This raised awareness will further help to ground you in the here and now, whilst your enhanced ability for inner reflection can only lead to spiritual growth.

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