Know Thyself With Obsidian Snowflake

Kundalini Sacral Chakra Snowflake Obsidian

Helping you to harness your personal power, the energies of our Snowflake Obsidian Yoni Egg will allow you to know your true self and to be confident and secure in who you are.

As Socrates states “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom”, and this powerful protection stone is a stimulator of change, promoting self-awareness, self-revelation, self-evaluation, self-protection, visions, dreams and optimism. One of the earliest known stones to be used for scrying, Obsidian has long been a talisman for those who dare to see, the past, the future and your own inner demons and darkest truths. However, its ability to calm and soothe you will reassure you that you are always supported when you feel afraid, in effect, our Snowflake Obsidian Yoni Egg will keep you rising.

Usually black in colour with white patches known as Phenocryst, the pattern resembles that of snowflakes, hence the name. This very powerful healing tool is formed when the felsic lava of a volcano rapidly cools down with very minimal crystal growth. So basically, it is a volcanic glass that has formed as an igneous rock, which carries with it vibrational energies that have the ability to bring issues to the surface so that you can better understand, process, and discuss them in a healthy, productive way. Helping you to get rid of your tendencies to become detached or dispassionate, this wonderful fortune crystal can help to cleanse stagnation and lack of enthusiasm. In fact, it symbolises the need to regularly cleanse your body, heart, mind, and spirit of toxins that can prevent the free flow of positive energies. However, don’t forget to cleanse regularly under running water as Snowflake Obsidian also absorbs environmental pollution as well as geopathic stress. Bringing balance to both mind and body, this Yoni Egg will keep you hopeful and realistic, but it will not take away your sense of wonder.

On A Physical Level

An excellent detoxification stone, Snowflake Obsidian will work to improve your blood circulation whilst helping your body to dispel toxins that are preventing you from functioning at 100%. Supporting treatments for disorders related to the skeletal and vascular system, this crystal is also known to be effective for muscular aches and spasms, as well as joint pains. The energies of Snowflake Obsidian also offer effective pain relief to menstrual cramps, easing problems with your menstrual cycle and balancing your hormones. Which in turn will promote clearer skin and vision. It also helps with any hardening of the arteries.

On A Spiritual Level

Associated with divine guides and guardian spirits, our Snowflake Obsidian Yoni Egg offers you a reminder that yours are watching over you and pulling you close in a warm protective manner. Drawing inward to the centre of self, to the place of truth, this stone of integrity and deep soul cleansing has the ability to anchor your spirit into your body in order to stimulate growth on all levels. Resonating within all Chakras, primarily the Sacral Chakra, with energies that strongly stimulate the Base Chakra, this Egg is an excellent tool for creating and strengthening the grounding cord that extends from the Root Chakra through to the Earthstar Chakra below the feet, and deep into the heart of the Earth. The Sacral Chakra controls our motion and emotion and ruled by the element of water it directly affects how we experience our emotions. When in balance it can open you up to a realm of health, well-being, pleasure, and abundance, dispelling the negative retention of those attitudes that deny you pleasure. Promoting peace and wisdom the Sacral Chakra expands with pleasure and contracts with pain, whilst the Base Chakra, also known as the Root Chakra focuses on support and stability. When we feel threatened, the Base Chakra is activated, and our thoughts become negative, harsh, even hateful in nature. We become defensive, thus when in balance, this Chakra will encourage attitudes that firmly establish your right to the life you say you want. Its intelligence will help you to administer your life force.

Making Snowflake Obsidian an excellent ally in your Yoni Practice, as working with this stone in all its various forms will help you to regroup your scattered energies and bring inner-vision of the way through your problems, just relax and let the solutions come, whilst they do, this mirror stone will revel your own shadow-self, showing you your fears, flaws, and weaknesses by reflecting who you really are as a person. It will help you to recognise harmful patterns of behaviour underpinned by your feelings of hurt, anger, resentment and jealousy, whilst it supports you to do something about them by filling you with its cleansing energies. The grounding energies of our Snowflake Obsidian Yoni Egg will help you to stay balanced and afloat, even when you feel you are on the edge of the abyss. Reminding you of the importance of perseverance and determination, this stone will teach you to value your mistakes as much as your successes, because without them you will never learn.

Having no boundaries or limitations, Snowflake Obsidian works rapidly and with great power, nothing is hidden from this gem! It can be brutal and direct, yet it carries with it a wonderful energy of catharsis and deep soul healing, it is empowering and enlightening, calming and soothing the system to help you become more receptive to recognising unnecessary patterns of negativity, self-defeat, a poor-me attitude or unyielding emotional stress. Not ideal for gazing but superb for stimulating  total surrender during your Yoni Practice, this Yoni Egg will help you to perceive sources of support that you may have previously overlooked or taken for granted, opening new pathways of spiritual thought and connection, it will increase your psychic sensitivity for recognising synchronicities pointing the way to you higher-path.


When combined with cacoxenite, Obsidian Snowflake will quickly help to unlock all your thoughts and emotions before you burst and do something you regret. A very supportive stone that will work with you during your lowest moments, it can also be paired with August Birthstone to give you the strength you need to overcome thoughts and emotions of self-harm. If you wish to delve deeper into your past life, you should combine our Snowflake Obsidian Yoni Egg with Petrified Wood or Lapis Lazuli, and if you are interested in higher wisdom or educational pursuits introduce Sodalite and Hypersthene into your Yoni Practice, or Hematite to quickly calm or ground your overactive mind.

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