Red Jasper and The Base Chakra

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Red Jasper Yoni Egg

Red Jasper activates the Base Chakra and stimulates the rise of the Kundalini energy serpent, allowing you to reconnect with your Inner Goddess.

Revered by ancient peoples and civilisations throughout the world as a sacred and powerful stone of protection, our Red Jasper Yoni Egg is ideal for centring and grounding you firmly to Mother Earth whilst it eases your transition into a meditative state. Known as ‘the rain bringer’ the name of this crystal can be traced back in Arabic, Persian, Assyrian, Hebrew, Greek and Latin, and is believed to be the ‘Ruby’ mentioned in bible, or the first stone in the breastplate of Aaron, the High Priest. However, this stone has a strong history of association with Goddesses, it honours the Divine Feminine. Called the ‘Blood of Mother Earth’ by Native American Tribes, it is believed to bring with it vibrational energies of health and rebirth, new ideas and strategies, and an increase in one’s sensitivity to earth when calling for rain, or dancing in the rain. Whilst Egyptians linked this crystal with the fertility blood of the Goddess of life, Isis, and often carved it into protective amulets. Marvellous for cleansing the mind, the high spiritual energies of Red Jasper will allow you to make a deep connection with the spirits and guardians of the most sacred of places.

On A Physical Level

All Jaspers connect to the earth and are particularly useful during Yoni Practice as they are as close to the Base Chakra (the sacred womb) as they can possibly get. Activating this Chakra ensures that your physical body is provided with a stabilising energy and a lasting, gentle, healing vibration. The Base Chakra, which is the foundation of physical and spiritual energy within the body controls the energy for kinaesthetic movement and feeling. Thus, this stone of endurance will help to regulate your metabolic energies, providing strength and vitality whilst its steady frequency calms the emotional and physical body.

Thought to support the circulatory system, this crystal detoxifies the blood, and is thought to remove blockages from the liver and the bile ducts, which in turn helps to strengthen the heart. It may also be useful for those suffering from anaemia and exhaustion. Because of its ability to help generate muscle tissue, Red Jasper maybe useful for those who lift weights or do endurance sports as it is known to enhance the effects of exercise. Finally, and most interestingly, This Particular Yoni Egg has been used to increase the libido and is especially good for fertility. All that blood pumping around the body must have an effect, right? Which ultimately gets your creative juices flowing again!

Red Jasper Yoni Egg

On A Spiritual Level

Whilst the colour red reflects fire and blood, it also represents passion, energy, and life, which is why our Red Jasper Yoni Egg is sometimes known as the stimulator. This stone of endurance, protection, strength and passion is a gentle but vital stimulator of Chi, or life-force. It is also marvellous for clearing the mind during Yoni Practice, because its high spiritual energies increase focus, making it helpful in establishing new spiritual disciplines. Very beneficial for those who wish to do some shamanic journeying or astral travel, this stone will provide you with a vivid dream recollection. A powerful healing tool, it is excellent for those who work with earth energies to make a deeper connection with earth spirits. Carrying a strong spiritual grounding, Jasper resonates within the lower three Chakras, taking its energy from the Base Chakra, whilst reconnecting you with the grounding energies of the earth. Making this a very helpful crystal for those seeking emotional equilibrium, as it may help you to set boundaries and calm your emotions.  

Dark red crystals tend to embody strong, deep feelings of durable energy and quiet passion, making this crystal particularly useful in increasing devotion. A stone of passion, and a token of all who love to love, Our Red Jasper Yoni Egg encourages control. Thus, it is known to calm sexual aggressiveness whilst simultaneously promoting sexual compatibility and enhanced tantric sex. Your serpent energy, when awakened, will spiral up through your body and provide you with a powerful and spiritual experience, as it activates, clears and strengthens each of the Chakras in turn. Infusing them with vital life-force energies that bring with them feelings of self-confidence built on fearlessness, a call to action and a new enthusiasm for life. This new creative passion will manifest as fresh ideas and the energy to follow your goals through to completion, bringing with it a mastery of self and the release of your Inner Goddess.

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