Regain Your Power With Black Obsidian

Base Chakra Benefits Of Black Obsidian

A powerful cleanser of psychic smog from the aura, Black Obsidian offers qualities of protection and an instant connection to your Root, or Base Chakra.

If you value integrity then this is the perfect ally for you! A mirror stone for those of you who are prepared to look deep into the self and the subconscious, Black Obsidian will reveal to you your own shadow-self, alongside your flaws, weaknesses and fears. Nothing is hidden when you work with this powerful healing tool, it offers no boundaries or limitations, and works rapidly, with great power. Used by Lightworkers, Shamans and Alchemists, this volcanic glass, or, natures glass, that is basically an igneous rock, is formed quickly when the felsic lava of a volcano rapidly cools down.

Thus, our Black Obsidian Yoni Egg vibrates with the most potent energies because it carries the elements of Water, Earth and Fire. The mystical properties of this stone date back to early civilisations, most notably in Mesopotamia, where it was revered for its reflective quality and mirror like surface. Deep black, or sometimes with a murky transparency, the reflected shadow images were metaphors for sacred caves and pools of water, conduits for supernatural forces. To the Maya, Obsidian was a means of communication with otherworld entities, and to others, this stone was a portal to realms that could be seen but not interacted with. For you, it will help to unblock hidden or repressed feelings whilst it wards off negative energies, and stimulates your psychic powers, helping you turn your weaknesses into strength. Black Obsidian will awaken your Inner Goddess by stimulating your kundalini energy giving you the power to deal with whatever life throws your way.

On A Physical Level

If you suffer from a physical illness that you believe has an emotional cause, our Black Obsidian Yoni Egg will give you insight. Often used by healers, its properties are great at releasing energy blockages from the physical body, replacing any anxieties, stress and tension with feelings of calm and relaxation. It also offers the healing benefits of tissue regeneration, helping with bacterial or viral infections. Also known to aid with depression, this detoxifying crystal is very supportive of those who wish to relinquish dependencies such as smoking, overeating, alcohol or drugs.

On A Spiritual level

All forms of Obsidian will stimulate the healing of the emotional body and help those of you who have lost your power, to regain it. By stimulating the Root, or Base Chakra and bringing it back into balance, our Black Obsidian Yoni Items promote strength, security, and stamina. Building a structure that sustains your life is the function of the Root Chakra, its intelligence helps us to administer our life force, whilst controlling our flight or fight responses to accidents, stresses or threats. This ensures that we are dependent on its healthy functioning in order to stay balanced in life. When our way of life is threatened, the Root Chakra is activated, and we become defensive, our ideas become harsh, even hateful in nature. Making our Obsidian Yoni Egg an excellent ally in your regular Yoni Practice, as it will take you deep into your subconscious whilst it provides you with a clear state of detachment. Inspiring an understanding of the profound wisdom that can be reached through reflection, this extremely powerful meditation tool is highly beneficial for soul searching and getting to the core of issues. Impelling growth and resolution, this crystal will lend solid support and direction during your process of personal growth. The most powerful of the Obsidians, it does not cater to ego, rather if forces you to face yourself in order to underpin your spiritual growth.

The vibrational energies of our Black Obsidian Yoni Egg are all about self-growth and self-control. The protective energy of this crystal will shield your gentle soul and protect those of you who feel highly sensitive right now. By cleansing the negative smog that has built up in your aura, affecting your decision making, flow of thought or grasp on emotions. By grounding you and making you more discerning and practical in your approach life, this stone will give you a more powerful mental clarity. It will also stimulate your gift of foresight, helping you to wield your personal power to the benefit of yourself and those around you. Whilst gently reminding you not to focus on your flaws and weaknesses, because doing so will only inhibit your success. It is always good to learn from our mistakes, however, it is never a good idea to dwell on them for too long! 

The powers of our Black Obsidian Yoni Egg cannot be overstated, it can plunge you into your most ancient anxieties and obsessive fears, even draw you into a state of self-disgust, despair and melancholy before it elevates you to great spiritual heights and realizations. Only by facing the darkest side of your nature, those destructive thoughts and unconscious patterns of behaviour that inhibit your personal and spiritual growth, caused by the wounding of your spirit and underpinned by experiences of verbal or physical abuse, sudden trauma, grief, and those events beyond your control. And exposing these wounds, will you become ready to accept responsibility for your own healing. The powerful energies of this Yoni Egg will reveal the actions needed to release your feelings of fear, and anger, your insecurities, depression, aggression or other negative mechanisms that are keeping you anchored to the past. Enabling you to accept who you are with compassion and move forward to live your full life.


The powers of this Truth Stone are multiplied when you pair it with Tourmaline, as combined, they will cut through the drivel and shatter illusions to uncover lies and help you to see through the façade. Whilst our Selenite Charger Eggs and Rose Quartz Yoni Egg or Shakti Wand will help you regain your equilibrium if the fast working power of Black Obsidian deliver a shock that is too painful. Following this, Clear Quartz should be employed during successive Yoni Practice sessions to polarize the strong effects of this stone and to dissolve and neutralise any psychic or emotional debris that has surfaced.

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