Septarian Dragonstone: Connect To Your Inner Goddess

Benefits Of Septarian Dragonstone Solar Plexus Chakra

Focusing on the three lower Chakras, our Septarian Shakti Wand is perfect for inclusion in your regular Yoni Practice. This concentration stone, contrasting and distinctive in its uniqueness due to its banded layers that resemble the skin of a dragon, also offers you protection by supplying vibrational energies which are both grounding and shielding of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Indeed, Septarian Dragonstone is ideal if you wish to regulate your spiritual prowess, offering understanding and unconditional love whilst it promotes your inner-peace.

Formed during the Cretaceous Period approximately 50 – 70 million years ago, Septarian derives its name from the Latin word ‘Septum’ which means ‘partition’, referring to the cracks and separations of mineral within this rock. Usually having Yellow Calcite, it also combines the properties of Brown Argonite, Grey Limestone, and Clear White Barite. Its mineral effect varying according to your intentions and reason for use, but its overall effect will centre you and connect you to your Inner Goddess.

Beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing, this helpful talisman for those of you with spiritual and emotional problems, will help to stimulate a diverse nature of different aspects within your life. Indeed, the energy vibration of our unusual Yoni Wand, will provide you with strength during moments of weakness and centre you when you begin to lose focus. Septarian will gently calm your nerves removing all traces of anxiety, whilst giving you the focus to concentrate on the things you wish to manifest in your life by allowing your Kundalini energy to rise. That much needed boost of self-confidence will allow you to communicate your wants and needs naturally, with eloquence, in a kind, loving and sincere manner. Use it to find Inner Peace and Calm.

On A Physical Level

By giving balance to the body, mind, and spirit, the powerful, vibrational energies of our Septarian Dragonstone Yoni Wand make it an excellent choice for inclusion in your Yoni Practice. This purifier of the physical body is known to be beneficial the circulatory system and for healing disorders of the blood or the kidneys. Believed to help with night twitches and muscle spasms, as well as strengthening the skeleton, joints, teeth, bones and muscles, whilst helping to speed up tissue regeneration, Septarian can also help with Gallbladder problems, and issues with your spleen. The powerful energies of this effective healing tool are also said to promote calcium absorption by storing minerals in your veins, and it is known to boost your immune system whilst providing pain relief. By bringing energy to the whole body, this uniquely ethereal stone can also help diminish the effects of seasonal affective disorder.

On A Spiritual Level

This concentration stone is both protective and grounding.

Bringing with it calming energies that have a nurturing feel to them, Septarian Dragonstone will provide peace and harmony to all aspects of your being, in order to ensure that you are able to face your daily challenges with grace and confidence. Said to manifest as joy and a spiritual uplifting, the powerful healing properties of this distinctive stone resonate with the energies of Mother Earth, as they strongly connect to the Solar Plexus. known as the Power Chakra, this energy centre rules all aspects of our personality and ego, especially our sense of self-worth, self-esteem and personal-identity, ultimately it helps us to choose what and who are for our highest good, whilst influencing self-confidence, personal power and freedom of choice. This powerful healing tool also vibrates within the Sacral and Base Chakras, and it resonates within the Throat Chakra, aiding those who find it hard to communicate their wants and needs. The Sacral Chakra will stimulate the rising of your Kundalini Goddess power and your Base Chakra will connect you to the earth. Making Septarian the perfect choice for those of you who wish to release the negative energies which are simulating you to hold onto those unhealthy feelings of fear, anger, hatred, and jealousy, clouding your logical thought process.

The vibrations of our Yoni Wand will enhance your wellbeing and stimulate your emotions, nurturing and amplifying good energies, Septarian also has the ability to dispel bad ones. Removing any unwanted attention or protecting you from another person’s unhealthy regard for you, this stone will help you to retain anonymity whilst redirecting your focus on the importance of self-nurturing. It is admirable to put the needs of others first, but when we do this to our own detriment, we begin to feel resentment! Whilst encouraging you to care for others this Septarian Dragonstone Shakti Wand will strongly promote energies of self-care, giving you the gift of self-acceptance, patience, tolerance, generosity and understanding. Promoting an emotional flexibility that will give you the ability to communicate on a higher level. These unique energies may also help to enhance your psychic powers as well as helping you to see the truth. Protecting you in mind, body and spirit, Septarian Dragonstone is said to bring those who harness its powers, unconscious foreknowledge and foresight. Giving you an understanding, which will contribute to an enlightened existence, thus, it is a stone for regulating spiritual and mental prowess. Making this unusually distinctive Shakti Wand an effective problem solver. Including it in your regular Yoni Practice will help to foster co-operation in your everyday interactions whilst it simultaneously mitigates the ego and bolsters your self-confidence, by calming your nerves.


Combined with our Unakite Jasper Yoni Egg, the power of Septarian will bring more healing benefits and introduce more minerals into your aura. Using Black Star Sapphire with this stone, will enhance your sense of privacy whilst giving you the nurturing you need to take a back seat and relax. Zebra Stone on the other hand, will have the opposite effect, this combination will improve your communication skills which can only widen your perspective. The powerful energies of Septarian and Novaculite, will help to combat stress and anxiety, Novaculite is a very stone for inclusion in your Yoni meditation practice as it will help you to relax.


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