The Fortifying Energies Of Dalmation Stone

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Dalmation Stone

The name of this gorgeously ethereal healing stone is derived from its resemblance to the black and brown spotted Dalmatian dogs, indeed, the vibrational powers of Dalmation Stone have also been used to calm, train, and communicate with animals. But it is neither a traditional birthstone nor is it associated with any zodiac sign. However, this familiar, semi-precious crystal, is well known for its protective and healing properties, and is often referred to in ancient Greek, Hebrew, Latin and Assyrian texts where it was said to be used as a protection amulet, worn to warn the wearer of danger, whilst its powerful energies are said to fortify the spirit.  
The very effective energy of Dalmatian Stone vibrates within the solar plexus. But it is known to affect the three chakras that are all central to grounding, and the promotion of energy flow from the ground up. The opening of the base, sacral, and earth chakras assist one in coming to terms with the power of your Inner Goddess. When in balance, these chakras promote the energy for kinesthetic feeling and movement, which is the foundation of physical and spiritual energy. Alongside this, they control the flow of all energy. The slow vibrational energies of this stone, which are better harnessed over a longer period, can produce a calming effect, whilst providing you with a sense of security. Regular Yoni Practice is perfect for this reason, meditation with a Yoni Egg in place will not only fortify and exercise your pelvic floor muscles, but it will also allow you to control your negativity and direct its flow outwards, leading to a more balanced, focused and reflective you. Appealing to the child within us all, Dalmatian Stone ignites and fortifies our childlike exuberance and spirits whilst it reconnects us with our playful nature. And being a Seeker/Transformer Crystal, it is an excellent talisman to aid efforts of personal growth, as it is known to carry much light with it, encouraging those of us who utilize its vibrational energies to become more attached to the feelings of confidence we carried with us in our youth. Good for those of us who over analyze things, our Dalmatian Stone Yoni Egg will help to ground and center you both mentally and physically. 
On A Physical Level 

Since the energies of Dalmatian Stone, vibrate strongly within the solar plexus, regular incorporation into your life may create an improvement in the breakdown of food, so is very helpful for digestion. Thought to boost the immune system and remove toxins, this powerful healing tool is an excellent revitalizer of the blood. Its ability to balance the yin and yang energies ensures that this Stone helps with inner peace whilst it stimulates the nerves and reflex actions, making it beneficial to the muscles, tendons and cartilage, or to those who have a sprain, strains or muscle spasms. Coming in the form of a Jade Egg, Yoni Loves presentation of Dalmation Stone, simultaneously supports the tightening of the vaginal walls whilst magnifying the benefits of Kegel exercise, whilst being beneficial in supporting the bodies physical, emotional, and mental balance. Which reinforces this Yoni Eggs use as a great meditative tool, a perfect stone for those who practice martial arts, yoga, tai chi, or chi gong, it is also useful in the treatment of bowel disorders, particularly IBS and constipation. Healing and soothing you whilst promoting youthful energy and a youthful appearance, Dalmatian Stone is an excellent treatment for skin problems and allergic rashes. Whilst being especially beneficial to those of you whom are trying to quit the habit of smoking, its hard I know, but this amazing anti-smoking crystal will help to strengthen your resolve and provide you with the determination to succeed. 

On A Spiritual Level 

This determined stone is considered to be one of reflection, beneficial to those of you who are overly analytical. It will remind you not to sweat the small stuff whilst promoting your sense of humor and reawakening a sense of fun. Dalmation Stone strengthens the spirits and supplies a physicality to the soul, reminding us that we are spiritual beings on a human journey. Being a Seeker Transformer Crystal, it also contains an energy that aligns with the natural power of the human mind, thus, incorporating this stone into your regular Yoni Practice will help you to find a path to new horizons and reveal to you capabilities your inner self has kept hidden. If you have ever felt a fear of your own success then this would be the right crystal for you to practice with, as a pointer, director, and compass crystal it signifies a fresh start.  

Dalmatian Stone Yoni Egg 

Encouraging emotional harmony, like Amethyst, Dalmatian Stone balances Yin and Yang and aligns the Physical, Emotional and Mental bodies with the etheric realm. The Tourmaline inclusion in the form of the black dots on our gorgeous egg, are helpful in overcoming depression, nightmares and negative thinking. Having a fortifying and restorative effect, Dalmatian Stone, will counteract those negative feelings of cynicism and skepticism. Of particular use during regular Yoni Practice when feeling stuck in life, this stone will help to transform outworn thinking patterns and enable you to move forward, it helps you to relax, reconnect and regain your composure. The black spots have a definite influence, offering protection and a retreat, whilst the vibrational energies of Tourmaline provide the safety of feeling hidden from one’s enemies. Deepening our connection to and understanding of the natural world, these particular energies promote power and strength, helping to relieve those fears specifically associated with our physical existence. A very beneficial tool for those wanting to deepen their meditation practice, our Dalmatian Stone Yoni Egg allows you to maintain your new-found inner peace whilst it encourages self-contemplation. Helping you to stay focused on the powerful light it carries whilst embracing the darkness, your coping mechanism will be balanced and protected, simultaneously you will feel an increase in your determination. Due to this, Dalmatian Stone is often used to treat additions and other unhealthy habits which are underpinned by old childhood wounds, these wounds only serve to restrict your growth and restrain your Inner Goddess. Use this crystal when you want to renew and reflect on past actions and decisions, as transformer crystals Dalmatian Stone will enhance your efforts to change your situation 

By transforming ourselves we transform our lives, we learn to dance, speak a new language and grow stronger. 


The energies of any of the stones that work with the lower chakras, can be multiplied when paired with Dalmatian Stone to enhance feelings of joy and positivity, for instance, Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, or Black Onyx turn this into a very powerful stone for psychic protection. The spots of Black Tourmaline on this crystal make it a very powerful stone for energy protection, and they are said to alert you to danger. Use with any type of grounding stone to enhance that vibration, Smokey Quartz, and Fire Agate are both good examples. To enhance its vibrational ability in aiding emotions, combine with Amblygonite, Chrysanthemum Stone, Aragonite, Pink Tourmaline, Spurite or Lilac Lepidolite. Pair with Orange Carnelian, to help you achieve your goals quickly as it has an excellent vibration for both grounding and protection. 

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