The Powers Of Amethyst

Amethyst Yoni Egg Benefits Of Amethyst Crystal Healing

"When we incorporate amethyst into our yoni healing practice, the benefits of this crystal are amplified. This is because we are working directly with our life-force energy, our most powerful creational tool, the womb."

Amethyst is carried by Yoni Love in all its light purple and darker grape hues. Beneficial to all, this high value crystal is perfect for anyone whom is just now venturing off down the path of their spiritual journey. Representing the Zodiac signs of Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces as well as the birthstone of February, Amethyst has always been considered a gemstone of Royalty, made evident by its use in Crowns, sceptres and bishops’ rings. It is also said to have been the ninth stone in the breastplate of the High Priest of Israel, and one of the ten stones upon which the Tribes of Israel were engraved. Due to Amethyst’s ability to promote sobriety, both metaphorically (in that it will help you to develop the ability to think more clearly), and literally (it is said to prevent drunkenness), this powerhouse of a tool has long been revered.

Connected to the crown chakra, and to a lesser extent the third eye chakra, Amethyst, is one of the most protective and spiritual of all the crystals, and is considered to be one of the few gemstones with the specific purpose of improving cerebral thought. Whilst it won’t grant you sudden intelligence, it will certainly help you to gain personal insight and apply critical thinking to any situation, which ultimately leads to greater success in handling the negative forces surrounding you. Designed to transform you from that weighed person who is carrying old baggage and remains clouded by all sorts of energy patterns that don’t serve you, whilst enabling you to become the passionate, creative, sensual, empowered, clear-minded, connected, and sentient woman that you are. Amethyst is the perfect conduit if you are feeling disengaged, jaded, disconnected from the naturally vibrant and revitalizing energy of the universe, suffering hardship, and accumulating more and more spiritual junk and debris. then you are not aware of the power you have. You have forgotten the pleasure you can feel in life and in your yonis. Using Amethyst when engaging in Yoni Practice will help you to gently and lovingly move through all of this. Clearing away the negative energy whilst reminding you that life is something to be blessed and experienced.

On A physical Level

The many benefits provided to the mind, body, and soul when incorporating the healing energies of Amethyst, ensure that it remains a staple in crystal collections, healers’ kits, spiritual stores, yoga studios, Reiki studios, and homes around the world. And I am not at all surprised. This powerful and protective stone is known to boost hormone production, tune the endocrine system, strengthen the immune system and reboot the metabolism. Prompting recovery, Amethyst eases headaches and releases tension, whilst it reduces bruising, swelling and injuries.

Healing diseases of the respiratory and digestive tracts, this powerful too is also very effective when it comes to cell regeneration. Being a natural stress reliever, Amethyst facilitates recovery from any kind of illness. Making it an excellent choice for those who wish to enhance their physical vitality, especially following recovery from chemotherapy, radiation or any pharmaceutical treatments. This energizing crystal helps to destroy malignant tumours whilst it detoxifies the blood.

Recommended for beginners, an Amethyst Shakti Wand from Yoni Love is the perfect choice for those who wish to first remove older, accumulated negative womb energy and stimulate fertility, as its powerful vibrational energies will also work on conditions related to the reproductive system. As well as offering all the obvious benefits of pelvic floor training, an Amethyst Yoni Wand is a great support stone, beneficial for those who wish to overcome addictions and bad habits.

On A Spiritual Level

amethyst crystal, amethyst yoni egg

This crystal will allow you to easily enter a meditative state and connect with the Divine, after all Amethyst is connected to the Crown Chakra, thus, it is designed to specifically stimulate the higher mind, helping to open and clear the third eye whilst it stimulates intellectual and cognitive thought. A critically engaged way of thinking is one of the best ways to reach a higher philosophical understanding of the world, which makes Amethyst a natural choice for those wishing to access more wisdom, develop their psychic abilities, enhance intuitive clarity and recognize synchronicity. Cocooning you with brilliant white light this powerhouse of a tool will facilitate your conscious awareness whilst it helps you to remain receptive to spiritual and intuitive direction from your guides and angels.

The powerful energies of this crystal are a well-known balm to emotional wounds and traumatic pain. Helping to sooth feelings of grief, sadness, anger and defeat, Amethyst is great for calming and aiding with sleep and dream work. It is also naturally protective against lower energies, making it even more valuable to those doing spiritual work. Regular practice with Yoni Love’s gorgeous Amethyst Yoni items will underpin the manifestation of your true self, rather than the person shaped by societal expectations. True honesty with oneself brings genuine happiness and satisfaction, emotional stability and inner strength, helping you to hold firm in your life, Amethyst will simultaneously enhance your flexibly and cooperation. It has a sedative effect that promotes peacefulness, happiness and contentment. Thus, combining the energy of this amazing crystal, with the focus of your Yoni Practice, will result in a magical and thorough healing combination. Manifesting more lightness in being, keeping you spiritually uplifted and helping you to feel transformed, empowered, joyful, and radiant! It is a great crystal of travellers who harness its energy for protection, and will help you to demonstrate strength of heart, making you feel able to climb mountains. literally opening your eye(s) to new possibilities.

Whilst it is always important to remember that emotions are a valid and necessary part of our growth as more conscious human beings, it is also necessary to remember that they can be dangerous if they are not controlled. The ability to critically analyse our emotions helps us to appreciate their weight, worth and value. Thus, Amethyst is invaluable when you have a problem to solve, especially when emotions are running high. It will give you the power to choose whether to engage in negativity or to set it aside and communicate your needs effectively whilst listening to other people’s concerns, it will also help you to clearly articulate positive, highly practical and more helpful solutions. Eliminating destructive thought patterns and replacing them with empowering and uplifting ones, the crystal energies of our stone will stimulate your heart chakra, opening you up to be loved and to love in return, it will break down your walls and release fears and worries in love, life and relationship’s, supporting your growth, Amethyst will reassure you that there is no fear in endings or beginnings, they are all just a part of life. Regular yoni practice will also foster your creative output, underpinning brilliant ideas, which in turn will invite harmony into your relationships and prosperity in your financial affairs.


Like Selenite and Sunstone, the energies of Amethyst can give you emotional comfort when needed. Although it can be a jealous crystal, the metaphysical properties of our Yoni Wand are multiplied when it is paired with other stones that promote emotional and intellectual wisdom. Popular ones include, Moonstone (which focuses on the nurturing elements of the emotions), and Aquamarine (this takes a more psychic and spiritual approach). If you are using an Amethyst Shakti Wand as a crystal for the Crown Chakra, then pair it with other chakra crystals in order to directly address issues that your crown and any other chakra may be able to solve in conjunction. For example, if you are interested in setting intention for inspiration in your career then you may want to pair Amethyst with a crystal that rules the solar plexus chakra (the chakra of ambition), such as Topaz or Sunstone. It can also be combined with stones in order to develop a stronger connection to the earth, especially those that rule the Root Chakra, such as Black Obsidian, Hematite, Red jasper and Smoky Quartz, this can prevent the problem of you becoming too cerebral and losing your ability to focus on reality.

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