Unakite Jasper: The Stone Of Couples

Benefits Of Unakite Jasper Heart Chakra

Representing the Heart Chakra and resonating with powerful vibrational energies of love, compassion and kindness, our Unakite Jasper Yoni Egg is designed to balance the emotional body.

An incredible semi-precious stone of self-development, this nurturing crystal will guide you as you discover more about yourself, whilst it helps you to develop a sense of your Inner Goddess. Its unique and sensitive energy, blending the nurturing, experience, and growth is symbolised by the green colour of Epidote. Whilst the innocence of love, represented by the colour of Pink Feldspar, balances aspects of the heart, helping to release deep seated emotions in a slow and gentle way.

Working in symbiosis, the elements of Red Jasper and Epidote blend beautifully in Unakite Jasper to embody strong, harmonious relationships, thus, it is also known as the stone of couples. As it helps you to see the beauty behind your flaws, and the foibles of others. Allowing you to accept and openly radiate love, which in turn, attracts love. The powers of his incredible healing tool will help you come to a balanced perspective about yourself and the world around you, guiding you to find your place of grounded power.

First discovered in the Unaka’s Mountains, from where it derives its name, Unakite Jasper honours the Greek Goddess of the Earth, Gaia, whom was born out of chaos and is known as being one of the first humans, whilst being honoured as being the earth itself. Which makes this crystal an excellent choice for inclusion in your Yoni Practice, as it is particularly beneficial for the release of pain and anger, whilst it helps to eliminate any other obstacles causing chaos in your life and getting in the way of your personal growth, aided by the energies of the earth. Do you feel that you frequently sacrifice happiness in the present for stability or success in the future? Or maybe you feel the opposite! You make harmful long-term decisions in order to satiate your immediate needs and maximise your present state of happiness. Life doesn’t have to be such a binary, our Unakite Jasper Yoni Egg will show you how to live both in the moment and for the future.

On A Physical Level

Supplying a steady source of energy for healing and renewal, Unakite Jasper will stimulate your general wellbeing and support your recovery from a major illness. Its earth energies providing gradual strength and vitality to your body whilst it helps you to understand those frustrating and painful experiences. It will come as no surprise to know then, that the vibrational energies of this crystal are said to aid the female reproductive system, and promote a healthy pregnancy. The healing energies of this stone are also known to promote healthy tissue growth, whilst Jasper stabilises the bodies fluids and underpins a healthy metabolism. Which makes it very beneficial for the heart and lungs. Unakite Jasper also encourages your hair and nails to grow strong, faster. A remarkable talisman if you are trying to cut down, or quit smoking, this crystal will also help you to overcome all of your addictions whilst it nurtures and guides your progress. Over time removing harmful toxins and energies from the system, on a deep cellular level.

On A Spiritual Level

An excellent choice of Yoni Egg for releasing the Kundalini Life Force, the spiritual energies of Unakite Jasper are highly attuned to earth, both the element and the planet. However, this stone of clarity, is most strongly connected to the Heart Chakra, and teaches us to live in the present. A kind and compassionate crystal, our Yoni Egg works to align the physical body with one’s spiritual energy, and is one of our best offerings if you wish to nurture your emotional health and wellbeing. If you are feeling trapped, Unakite Jasper can help you through those moments of indecision because it is an excellent decision-making stone, especially helpful for moving on after emotional pain. This is due to the incredibly powerful combination of Pink Feldspar and Green Epidote, which combine to enhance your energy field by dissipating negativity. Thus, Unakite Jasper shows you how to be kind to your heart. Listen to it, nurture it, and through the power of your Yoni Practice, the stabilizing energy of earth can guide you through difficult times with confidence. Helping you to treat decisions with the seriousness and sobriety that they deserve, whilst stopping you from becoming emotionally rattled.

Regular meditation with this particular crystal will help you to release internalised pain and anger, which in turn, will boost your courage, propelling you to take control of all aspects of your life. Whilst your energies align with the earth to give you the confidence to transform all those negative energies into a constructive force to be reckoned with, this stone has the ability to guide you to your place of grounded power. Promoting patience and persistence whilst it works on gradually eliminating bad habits and self-destructive toxic thoughts. Since Unakite Jasper represents the Heart Chakra, it helps you to take control of your relationships with others, giving you the ability to be yourself by balancing your emotions. It is especially helpful if you wish to foster closer relationships with friends or loved ones as it promotes vital and positive, personal interactions.

Regulating your interaction with the external world, the Heart Chakra controls what you embrace or resist, when it is out of whack you will tend to feel either controlling or controlled! Our Unakite Jasper Yoni Egg will give you the balance you need by resolving the energy blockages along your soul star system whilst it works to align your emotional body with your spirituality. Like other Jaspers, this stone encourages tolerance and gentleness, patience and persistence, whilst it attunes to the Earth and supplies a slow, steady release of powerful healing energy.


Being aligned to the Earth, this crystal works best when it is paired with any of the other three elements, Air, Fire, or Water. In order to achieve cosmic balance, since Unakite is a balancing stone to begin with, you should use Clear Quartz, Fire Agate, or Aquamarine. It can also be effectively combined with stones which promote growth and development, such as, Angelite, Larimar, or Celestite. These stones open the mind and help you to see things more clearly with the powers of the universe. For the heart, it goes without saying that Rose Quartz is the most effective as it rules your emotional openness, whilst the energies of Unakite will allow you to be yourself.

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