Yellow Jade: They Don't Call It Mellow For Nothing!

Benefits Of Yellow Jade Solar Plexus Chakra

True Yellow Jade, one of the rarest kinds of Jade, refers to the yellow mineral variety of Nephrite, which is known as ‘The Stone of Heaven’. This crystal, is somewhat softer than Jade. Whilst all Jade meaning is rooted in calm wisdom, healing and protection, Nephrite was given its distinction and characteristics in 1863. Simultaneously promoting vibrational energies of grace, purity, beauty and dreams, the colours of Nephrite vary from translucent to opaque, with the yellow tones containing more magnesium rich members in their mineral group. Commonly used in burial ceremonies, Yellow Jade can exhibit colours as light as lemon or present itself as a dark gold. Irrespective of tone, the powerful healing properties of this particular Yoni Egg will bless anyone it comes into contact with.

An excellent balancing stone, Yellow Jade is associated with fire energy, which is oriented to identity, ego and self-definition. It will encourage you to harness your personal power and achieve a sense of self-fulfilment. It will allow your Inner Goddess to flourish by promoting healing energies of self-confidence, courage and abundance. Whilst imparting its wisdom in the silence and tranquillity of your Yoni Practice. It will dispel harm and negativity whilst it offers you protection. Because it burns with the colour of the Sun, our Yellow Jade Yoni Egg has the ability to make you happy and optimistic even on the darkest of days, lifting your soul and increasing your happiness which will allow you to live your best life.

On A Physical Level

In keeping with the renewal properties of Jade, this powerful healing tool is believed to target the rebuilding and healing of the skeletal system and tissues. Containing rich minerals of magnesium, calcium, iron and silicate, all of which are beneficial to the human body the many benefits of Yellow Jade are thought to improve blood circulation by boosting the removal of toxins from the blood whilst balancing the ratio of the body’s PH and salt, which can only help to enhance human immunity.

This crystal can also boost the metabolism, prevent dis-ease and eliminate fatigue which will ultimately help with a plethora of physical ailments including problems with the heart, bladder, thyroid, kidney, larynx, thymus or spleen. Regular Yoni Practice with our Yellow Jade Yoni Egg may also help to improve poor digestion and increase fertility in women, whilst it provides you with relief from urinary tract infections, menstrual cramps and cystitis.

On A Spiritual Level

Bringing you energetic vibrations with a quiet kind of thoughtfulness, this stone of the Solar Plexus Chakra is energetic and stimulating, yet mellow. They don’t call the colour yellow, mellow for nothing! This particular crystal, is known to promote balance in both life and work, helping you to maintain clarity of mind whilst it removes those tendencies to become overly critical. Helping you to see things from different perspectives, this enlightening crystal will also help you to become less emotionally aloof, defensive, possessive, rigid, or cunning.

Because the powerful energies of our Yoni Egg, strongly resonates within the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is the centre of our personal identity, it helps to regulate aspects of our ego. Especially those which are connected to our sense of self-worth and self-esteem. This energy centre also influences self-confidence, personal power, and freedom of choice, the emotions which help us stand up for ourselves. Indeed, The Solar Plexus Chakra revolves around power, if you are comfortable with your power, you will act confidently and exercise freedom of choice in most matters. If you are uncertain and doubtful about your right to own our power, you will evade situations that call for an affirmative response. In failing to value ourselves our ideas about power may become inflated or deflated, dependant on how we see ourselves in relation to others.

Making Yellow Jade an excellent choice for inclusion in your meditation practice as it will strengthen your self-esteem, whilst instilling peace of mind and alleviating any anxieties. Bring balancing properties that will harmonize all aspects of life. Providing a boost of energy for those of you who feel melancholic, or lacking in drive and ambition, Yellow jade has an elegance unmatched by any other crystal, and its meaning shows the way to a cheerful, energetic way of being. Supporting growth, expansion, nourishment and new beginnings, the powerful vibrations of vitality being another of its many benefits. When used as a dream stone, our Yellow Jade Egg will help, you to process and release suppressed thoughts and emotions as dreams, whilst giving you guidance on your spiritual path. Bringing you joy and happiness, it will also show you how you can be connected to all living beings.


The healing energies of our Yellow Jade Yoni Egg are amplified when you combine it in your Yoni Practice with other beneficial crystals. For instance, Yellow Rhodonite, Fluorite, Yellow Tourmaline, Amber, Yellow Sapphire, Golden Beryl, Yellow Muscovite, Calcite, Yellow Kunzite, Golden Yellow Topaz, Cats Eye, Golden Tigers Eye, Yellow Celestite, Yellow Jasper, or Lemon Chrysoprase, will all provide a powerful combination of vibrational healing energies that will promote tranquillity in your life, harmony, self-confidence, and self-sufficiency.

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