Release Your Inner Goddess



Women, you have a yoni for a reason! She is beautiful, she is to be heard, honoured, loved and nourished by you accordingly. No one can tell you how to do this but your yoni alone, if you want her to take care of you, then listen…. If you tune into your sacred space then she will surely give you guidance on the path to creating a life of self-fulfilment, health and happiness. It is just a matter of taking the first step in realising your power, healing your trauma, wallowing in the glory of sexuality and releasing your Inner Goddess.

At certain times in life we can become distracted by external influence, life becomes so fast we forget how to really live it. It is easy to forget to be as light as the leaf that flows along the river when we are in that state of disjointed lethargy. Detached from our inner-self, we no longer listen to the wisdom of the inner verse, brainwashed by the babblings of the outer world. It’s time to stop…. Listen to what your body is telling you. Hear what your womb has to say, give rise to the call of your ovaries, to the moan of your clitoris.

You Are A Sexual Goddess. Your Body Is Designed For Pleasure And Creation

Here at Yoni Love, we implore you to nourish your sexuality in a way that is both powerfully healing and personally unique to you. If your life journey includes the remnants of sadness, shame, trauma and pain, remember, you are not alone. Learning to process these emotions in a spiritually beneficial way is the first part on your journey of Yoni Health and Healing. It is time to let go. You are here because on a deep cellular level your Divine Goddess has awoken, she is telling you that it is time to tap into the power that you possess, it is time to start living your best life and loving yourself.

Yoni Love = Self Love

Yoni, being the Sanskrit name for the vagina, means ‘sacred temple’. It is no accident that Yoni Eggs are designed to be placed into the core of a woman, after all, we bring forth life and creation! Yoni Practice is undertaken by the insertion of various sized Quartz Crystal Yoni Eggs into the vagina and is designed to facilitate various healing effects. Claiming its roots in ancient China, Yoni Practice was not meant for the common people due to the sexual power it gave to women, it was kept a secret and Yoni Eggs were only used by Empresses and concubines. In the Egyptian culture, upon death, it was important to ensure that one was buried in their tomb with all of one’s daily necessities, so it is quite magical to note that upon the opening of Nefertiti’s tomb, a Yoni Egg was discovered.

Energy infused with individual crystal healing properties, Yoni Eggs are a powerhouse of a tool and luckily today, they are available for common use. Incorporating one into your regular meditation practice will, amongst other things, help you strengthen and control your vaginal muscles and sexual urges, but that is just a couple of they’re multitude of benefits.

Yoni Egg Benefits

Since sex and sexuality is a topic that the majority of society has a perspective on, ponders on and talks freely about, but neglects and forgets to talk lovingly about, making the connection with our Yoni helps us women to respect each other and our own bodies with much more depth of feeling.

Not only do Yoni Eggs ensure that you are actively engaging your pelvic floor muscles whilst doing Kegel exercises, they serve the purpose of balancing the Qi or Chi (energy) for cellular regeneration. By balancing all the chakras, especially the chakra that your chosen Yoni egg is connected to, they can help to heal energetic blockages and awaken your sexual energy. By helping your neural system to regenerate and develop more nerves, Yoni Eggs ensure that your every sensation becomes more heightened, helping to increase your orgasms. In fact, Yoni Egg practice opens the door to your orgasmic evolution!

As a Yoni Egg owner, you will naturally start to appreciate the wonders of your most sacred space, which, will in turn, lead to sexual confidence, higher consciousness and self-love.

By attracting and emitting certain energies, your chosen crystal can simultaneously help you to balance the mind, body and soul. Helping to heal sexual trauma by clearing away the negative and unprocessed memories within your womb, as well as balancing the menstrual cycle and the daily cycle of your hormones, regular Yoni Practice can contribute to a youthful complexion, improved genital tone and the promotion of healthy lubrication, which is especially important after menopause. Not only do they reduce PMS, cramps and breast discomfort, they’re vibrations promote a positive effect on other traumas too, think stress, anxiety and depression, a predominantly, socially fabricated, pharmaceutically medicated condition of today’s society.

Brilliant for post birth recovery when many of us feel overstretched, both metaphorically and literally, with less vaginal sensation, low self-esteem, the feeling of being overweight, tired and unfocused. This amazing tool will help the uterus, the pelvis and the vagna to repair itself. Bringing back elasticity and sensitivity. Practicing with a Yoni Egg will even surpass your post birth vagina. However, wait to restore or begin your Yoni Egg Practice until your body gives you the green light. Naturally, our scared space needs time to heal, and even though Yoni Practice underpins the recovery process, the last thing that you want is to overstress your body. Childbirth is a sacred moment. Take the time that you need.

How To Choose Your Yoni Egg

Choosing your Yoni Egg is a very personal thing. It is a sacred piece and I believe yours will invite you to choose it as soon as you see it. Calling out to your Inner Goddess.

Yoni Eggs can be used by women of any age, it is also a common misconception that as a beginner, you should select the smallest Yoni Egg, they are for the more advanced practitioner. Bare in mind that not every crystal is meant to be inserted into the body for long periods of time. It is always good to do your own research. They are not ‘one size fits all’.

Yoni Love Carries Three Different Sized Eggs.

Our Large Eggs Are Approximately 1.8” x 1.2”

Perfect for those who are over the age of 45, those suffering incontinence or women with a low libido.

 This size is recommended for most beginners to Yoni Practice as it is easier for your pelvic muscles to feel and grip whilst resting in your sacred space. If you initially find it hard to keep a grip of Yoni Egg, don’t be discouraged, it is completely normal for a beginner! Try laying down to begin, whilst practicing.

Our Medium Sized Eggs Are Approximately 1.6” x 1”

Perfect for under 45’s, those with no known incontinence issues and those who don’t find it that hard to orgasm.

Many women usually start with a medium size egg. It is not dependant on weight or height. If the large one feels too big, then try medium. If after a month of Yoni Practice, you feel like you would be more comfortable with a larger one, then swap back. Whatever works for you. However, remember to give Yoni Egg time to work its magic.

Our Small Sized Eggs Are Approximately 1.2” x 0.08”

For Advanced Users & Those Who Have Mastered The Medium Sized Egg.

Small eggs are not for small women, but are used by expert practitioners, sometimes two at a time. We suggest them if you wish to experiment with different sized Yoni Eggs. Because the smaller the egg the more grip is required by the muscles in order to hold it inside.

A small Yoni Egg is also recommended for those whom experience excessive tightness in the pelvic floor: in this case, Yoni Egg practice can really help, but it needs to be approached little by little, with patience and attention, avoiding exercises that involve squeezing and pulling at first and focusing only on relaxing the muscles whilst doing breathe work.

 If you recently gave birth, experienced the menopause or are simply not sure what size Yoni Egg, to use at the start of your practice, you might choose to purchase a set of 3. With a complete set, you can experiment comfortably: start with the large one and gradually work your way down in size or use different Yoni Eggs on different days.

How To Prepare Your Yoni Egg

Our Yoni Items are stored in the path of the moon and whilst I personally prepare and pack all orders personally, (to ensure good vibrations only), It is always a good idea to make sure you have cleansed your product prior to use.

If you wish to, string your egg to make it easier to remove following your Yoni Practice, do this using unwaxed, unflavoured dental floss.

To cleanse your Yoni Egg (s), immerse in cool water and bring to the boil (Never Put Your Egg Straight In To Hot Water. This May Cause It To Crack). Leave to simmer for 10 minutes and remove with a large spoon. It may not be obvious to some, but you should definitely leave your egg to cool right down before even considering using it.    

I suggest you try to bond with your Yoni Egg in order to prepare it to work with your energy system. Sleep with it for a couple of nights to discover if its earth wisdom speaks to you in your dreams. Listen to the response of your Inner Goddess. Look at it, it should appeal to you and feel nice to hold in your hand. Breath over it and speak to it about your intention. Call upon your ancestors, ask for their guidance and assistance on your journey, for all genetic memory is held in the womb!

There are many different ways to discharge and recharge your Yoni Egg. Washing with salt water is one of them, whilst bathing it in the ocean or a river is another. Some practitioners choose to use other stones, like Amethyst or Hematite, to charge their Yoni Eggs overnight. Others have a full moon ritual by consciously placing their Yoni Egg(s) in the path of moonbeams. I have also heard you can bury your egg in the ground for 2 -3 weeks (Never place crystals in sunlight for long. They grow in the dark depths of the earth and this is where they can recharge their gifts and healing energies. When they're not in use, it's always best to keep them somewhere dark.)

Open Your Yoni Practice By Creating A Safe Space. Light Some Candles, Burn Some Sage. Focus On Your Intention.

Yoni Egg (s) should always be inserted bottom up (Using the widest part of the egg). Hold it gently at the opening of your sacred space, as it consciously connects to the opening of your Yoni, take a few deep breaths in recognition of your own connection to the earth. Making intentional space for your egg to connect palpably.