Rose Quartz Shakti Wand
Rose Quartz Shakti Wand
Yoni Love

Rose Quartz Shakti Wand

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Astrological Associations

Taurus / Libra


Rose Quartz enhances the female energies and qualities, circulating a divine, loving energy throughout the entire aura. This stone of the heart is known for balancing the Yin and Yang. Carrying with it the ability to bring all other Chakras into unity with the heart.


This calming and reassuring Shakti Wand will give you the balancing ability to be yourself by helping you to identify your own needs and emotions more clearly.

Health Benefits

Because of its strong connection with the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz is believed to be a healing tool for the heart. Stimulating its proper functioning, whilst providing a boost to your circulatory system, in turn relieving tension and stress.

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Medium Size: 4.33" x 0.78"

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