Tigers Eye Shakti Wand
Tigers Eye Shakti Wand
Yoni Love

Tigers Eye Shakti Wand

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Solar Plexus

Astrological Associations

Taurus / Gemini


If you are feeling relatively stuck, or spiritually adrift, our Tigers Eye Yoni Egg will serve as your spiritual compass and psychic protector. Guiding you towards your Inner Goddess, whilst helping you to make use of your power in the most practical of ways.


It is the balance within this stone that is its most practical attribute. Which is a must have for those of you who wish to release those deep seated fears and anxieties that have been preventing you from moving forward. 

Health Benefits

This natural crystal balances and integrates both sides of the brain, so it may be of benefit to those of you with scattered energy, whilst helping to clear toxins from the body. Giving you the strength to recover from that which ails you. 

Read Our Article For Further Insight Into Our Tigers Eye Yoni Egg


Measures: 4.7"

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